Welcome! You didn’t find us by chance. Here you will find information about the work of Dr. Heather V. Davis and Dr. Michael Davis.

Dr. Heather V. Davis is a Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist, specializing in weight loss and Primary Care. Dr. Michael Davis is a lawyer and professor who through a series of mystical events was led to the healing arts. He is the creator of Permanent Healing. Together we run Energy Healing Foundation, focused on conventional research on unconventional therapies.

We also offer Bridge Sessions. A Bridge Session is effective from anywhere and we have worked with people all over the world. In this new kind of “housecall,” we connect to you. Each session is done by both of us, together. This brings a male/female energy to every Bridge Session. We have discovered we are “Twin Flames” and that our union and subsequent marriage have magnified our ability to help others.

If you are struggling to realize your purpose you can get clarity now. If you are suffering from pain or illness, anxiety or trauma it can end now. A lack of clarity about your purpose can create “dis-ease,” and conversely dis-ease can block you from discerning your purpose. We can help you get off this treadmill and find balance and peace. It is only up to you.

What we have been allowed to do is to facilitate your self- healing. All healing is self-healing. We don’t do this work, Spirit does. We have worked with virtually every ailment, trauma and condition imaginable. We have helped couples get pregnant, singles find their soul mate, folks find clarity concerning work, etc. One cannot long continue to do this unless it works, and we have been blessed to help so many.

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All our best,

Dr. Heather V. Davis and Dr. Michael A. Davis

Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Purpose